Monday, October 17, 2011

Wow! Sometimes you just get a reality check!

Where to start? Today was a sad day for lots of people. A beautiful, sweet, wonderful Child of God, was called home to be with Jesus. I've only known Taylor a short while, but long enough to figure out she was an awesome person. She was dating Jared (he's like one of my own) from our church so that is mainly how I got to know her. My heart is heavy for the family and friends and for Jared. I'm devastated that they have to face this. She is in a wonderful place, but the people closest to her are grieving tonight. Things like this really make you think about life and how short it really is. So love unconditionally & fully and hold your loved ones a little tighter cause you never know what tomorrow will bring. I know I forget this sometimes but I'd like to remember more often. Just wish I didn't have to have this reality check. Please pray for all of Taylor's friends and family for the peace and comfort from the only one who can give it.