Sunday, January 23, 2011

Home with 2 sick boys.

Wow, its been a long 4 days! Thursday Carter woke up feeling bad, so he stayed home from school. No throwing up, just fever and feeling bad. We were out of school Friday which ended up being a good thing since Jordan got sick too. They have had high fevers and congestion and sore throats. They have felt terrible! Laying around and sleeping a lot and not eating much. I ended up having to give Jordan a breathing treatment because he was having a hard time breathing. Carter has taken this sickness as a way to snuggle with mommy. I have held him so much in the last 4 days. Kevin is worried about me getting sick, but moms do what moms have to do and really, I was living it up! I mean Carters getting bigger and one day he won't let me hold him when he's sick.
Take Jordan for example, I offered to hold Jordan (or at least let him lean against me) but he didn't want to. He still let's me hug him and give him a goodbye kiss but its not very often I get to "hold" him.
Anyway they DO NOT feel good. On a funny note, Carter has decided since he's sick he gets his way and we have to do everything he says. lol. Jordan wanted something to eat and Carter was in my lap. So I told him to get up so I could get Jordan something. He said, " Bubba is 12 and I'm 8". Another words......take care of me not him. lol. I had to tell him that Jordan was my baby too and I had to take care of him too!. This is only one of the many things he's said/demanded in the last few days.
I am so tired. I told Kevin last night that he had to take over because I was mentally exhausted. Which didn't work the way I wanted it to since Kevin HATES germs! Nobody takes care of them like mommy does! lol.
Well not very exciting, but my life anyway.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So I am sitting here feeling my precious baby boy kick, and I'm loving it!!!!! I always loved carrying a baby but figured I wouldn't have those feelings again. God had different plans and I'm so glad he did. I'm sure in time, I'll feel crazy with all the boys in the house, but right now I am loving this feeling. (Don't get me wrong when I say I'll be crazy, I'll love the crazyness too! I already do!) We are pretty sure of a name, but I won't be telling until we are 100%. Carter wants to pick a name because Jordan picked Carter out for him. So we will see. Well just loving my life......Baby kicking, Carter running in and out of the room, and Kevin teaching Jordan to play the bass guitar.......Blessings!!!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

After two's.......................

Another boy! We are so excited!!!!!

We have had 2 ultrasounds in the last couple of weeks. The first one we had the technician said she was sure, but we did not have our proof. So we elected to do another one, and this time it was obvious! We wanted to make sure since we will have to get all new baby stuff since we didn't plan on having more kids.

The second ultrasound was super cool! They switched to 3d/4d while they were doing it and we actually got to see the cute little sweetie! I was only 20 1/2 weeks so it was earlier than you normally get to do them, so he didn't have the fat to see exactly what he looked like but it was still so sweet! He was holding his hands in little fist close to his face! Aww...

Most importantly, everything looked great! You can actually see his little fingers! We will have another ultrasound that has 3d/4d shots somewhere around 30 weeks so I am really excited to see who he looks like. Jordan and Carter looked so different as babies so I'm anxious to see if he will look like one of them or have his own look.

We have yet to definatly pick out a name. We have a few we are throwing around, and as soon as we think its definate, we second guess ourselves. So anyone with name suggestions, please comment. Hopefully before long I can call my little guy by his name. I have thought a couple of times, that he may be here before we decide. :)

I also know that I am way outnumbered! ha ha Not a day goes by that I am not doing boy things, washing boy cloths, watching boy things on tv, or cleaning boy toliets (by far one of my worst things to do!) But oh well, at least I can get my nieces or sisters to do girly things with me. I wouldn't trade my boys for anything..!!!!

It has been forever since I blogged last.....but maybe I'll do better now. Who knows!! I'm sure my life is not the most interesting, but it's mine and I LOVE IT!!!