Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My baby boy is sick!

Yesterday when I picked up Carter from school he got in the car and said, "I feel sick". So I asked him if he ate his snack to which he said no, I was too sick. When I asked if he told his teacher he said no..... So when we got out and checked his temp, it was 103! So needless to say he is really sick!. I did call his teacher and she said no one else had been sick. Well I hope no one else gets sick since he was there with a temp. Kevin did have to make a medicine run late last night, so to save him time by not going all the way to town, I called the little store down the road to see if they had any. They did, so I sent him there knowing it would be high. When he came home it was a little bottle which I have figured out has all of 4 doses in it. So I'm like, "how much was this?" So even though I expected high I wasn't expecting over 6 dollars!. Talk about robbery. So needless to say we are almost out of that so I had Alisha stop and get me a tylenol and advil from the drug store where she works. Both of these, which were both double the size, were less than 3 dollars together. So much better. Buy really any prayers would be greatly appreciated because we know that God can do all things! Carter has asked us a couple of different times to pray, he knows this is where he gets the most help. So please pray for our baby. It's also possible that I will have another sick kid before long since Jordan came in from school and checked on Carter and giving him love! I know, enjoy it while it lasts, but for now they still love each other! LOL
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pictures from after the rafting trip. Not everyone but a lot of us.

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WooHoo we all survived rafting!

We had so much fun! 27 of us braved the water today. 3 were age 7. Five boat loads of FUN! "Who got the wettest?" you may ask.......We all did! a huge thunderstorm came up with hard rain that looked as if it was Nickel sized at times! Of course there was plenty of splashing each other. Pushing people in and then just jumping in for the fun of it! Needless to say the falling out of the boat! .............yes! I was one of those.....and I'm sure I will be very bruised and sore in the morning and No I am not old yet. LOL No really we were stuck and I had just helped Kevin get the boat free so I mistakenly decided to relax. Wrong move, because for the first time of all the times I have been rafting, I was thrown out of the boat backwards. Yes backwards! Then the boat decided to take off so I had to dive for the boat and hold on for dear life. I was pulled over rocks for a few minutes trying to find a rock high enough to jump back into the boat. The funny part was Kevin telling Jordan, "son, help your mother!". Like Jordan could pull me in the boat! As If! LOL. I did eventually make it back on the boat with a little help. I DO have a cut on my hand, knee and my leg. Not to mention all the bruises and scrapes I have!
Anyway we had a great time and if you were one of the people that was going to go bit couldnt, you missed it!
And to everyone that went! Let's go back really soon!
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Did you say hot????

I know! It is so totally hot, but I have an extra reason to say it is hot......My air in the van is out!!!!!!! Its bad when I drive home with the windows open and when I get out, it is actually cooler outside in the 100 degree weather.

I know you are all feeling sorry for me now!!!LOL Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pictures from N.C.

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It's been a while!

Okay, so I know its been like forever since I.have bogged, but you know how life is. I read everyone else's bogs and don't have time to write my own. So where to begin? We went on the trip for Jordan to N.C. to Wake.Forest University and it was so awsome. We had lots of fun and Jordan got the experience of a lifetime. I am so glad we went.
My kids are growing up so fast. Carter started 1st grade. He told me today "I likely class and I met a new girl" or something close to that. So cute! He is also super excited because he has his own desk. Not the tables like in kindergarten.
Jordan started middle school. My 12 yr old "baby" (he will be my baby no matter how old he gets) who is now probably close to an inch taller than me came home telling me all about his teachers, the ones he likes, the one he thinks is mean. LOL we all had those right? Such a new experience for us both. I dropped him off Friday and was kinda sad when I pulled out of the school because it seems like yesterday we brought him home and he was so small and now he's in middle school! Alisha took him ....well she called me and said when she pulled out she was all tore up because it didn't seem like he should be there. Then she was laughing because she had been tore up over MY kid!!!!!!!! Gotta love it when others love your kids!
Now to me....I actually got hired on at the dentist and worked through most of the summer, but things have gotten slow so now I have gone to PRN (call as needed). So everyone needs to pray it picks up soon so I can start working again! I am also picking up my Thirty-one again and we have an awesome new catalog, so if anyone wants to order look on the website. and if you see something you want just let me know. Don't order online because that wouldn't help me, but I can put an order in soon as you let me know. MONOGRAMMING IS ONLY 1.00 This month! If you want to have a party or take up an order let me know! You will love all the free stuff you will get for hosting!
Well goodbye for now maybe it won't be forever before I post again!