Monday, August 9, 2010

It's been a while!

Okay, so I know its been like forever since I.have bogged, but you know how life is. I read everyone else's bogs and don't have time to write my own. So where to begin? We went on the trip for Jordan to N.C. to Wake.Forest University and it was so awsome. We had lots of fun and Jordan got the experience of a lifetime. I am so glad we went.
My kids are growing up so fast. Carter started 1st grade. He told me today "I likely class and I met a new girl" or something close to that. So cute! He is also super excited because he has his own desk. Not the tables like in kindergarten.
Jordan started middle school. My 12 yr old "baby" (he will be my baby no matter how old he gets) who is now probably close to an inch taller than me came home telling me all about his teachers, the ones he likes, the one he thinks is mean. LOL we all had those right? Such a new experience for us both. I dropped him off Friday and was kinda sad when I pulled out of the school because it seems like yesterday we brought him home and he was so small and now he's in middle school! Alisha took him ....well she called me and said when she pulled out she was all tore up because it didn't seem like he should be there. Then she was laughing because she had been tore up over MY kid!!!!!!!! Gotta love it when others love your kids!
Now to me....I actually got hired on at the dentist and worked through most of the summer, but things have gotten slow so now I have gone to PRN (call as needed). So everyone needs to pray it picks up soon so I can start working again! I am also picking up my Thirty-one again and we have an awesome new catalog, so if anyone wants to order look on the website. and if you see something you want just let me know. Don't order online because that wouldn't help me, but I can put an order in soon as you let me know. MONOGRAMMING IS ONLY 1.00 This month! If you want to have a party or take up an order let me know! You will love all the free stuff you will get for hosting!
Well goodbye for now maybe it won't be forever before I post again!

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