Friday, May 21, 2010

So Proud Of My Boys!!!!!

I am so proud of my boys. It is the end of the school year. They have had a great year!!!! They had their award day and both came away with some awards!!!!! yeah!!! Carter got the Art Award, I am so proud for him. He did so good in school this year. Jordan got 1st honor roll, Most outstanding student, Responsibility award, and most AR points out of the whole school, so for that he got his name on a plaque in the Library and a $50 gift card. Now he is off to middle school and this summer he is going to Wake Forest University in North Carolina.(We are still raising money for him to go if anyone wants to donate call me 931-308-0055. We would greatly appreciate it!) Wow, I am so so so proud of my boys.

Well I have been working full time at the dentist office, but it may possibly go down to part time (2 days a week) starting next week. Part time is okay with me, that way I can still work and get to spend time with my boys during the day in the summer.

So our past few weeks have been great!!!!!!


  1. Wow! I'm really proud of them too! Except I'm feeling a bit older now since my little Toot is going off to middle school! *sob*

    I've tried calling you several times this week, guess you were too busy working to call your favorite niece back? Ok, well, your favorite MARRIED niece, I guess.....gotta give you a way to get out of trouble, huh?

  2. My phone is on the blink...must not have gotten it....I'll call you now!!!!! Love you!