Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My baby boy is sick!

Yesterday when I picked up Carter from school he got in the car and said, "I feel sick". So I asked him if he ate his snack to which he said no, I was too sick. When I asked if he told his teacher he said no..... So when we got out and checked his temp, it was 103! So needless to say he is really sick!. I did call his teacher and she said no one else had been sick. Well I hope no one else gets sick since he was there with a temp. Kevin did have to make a medicine run late last night, so to save him time by not going all the way to town, I called the little store down the road to see if they had any. They did, so I sent him there knowing it would be high. When he came home it was a little bottle which I have figured out has all of 4 doses in it. So I'm like, "how much was this?" So even though I expected high I wasn't expecting over 6 dollars!. Talk about robbery. So needless to say we are almost out of that so I had Alisha stop and get me a tylenol and advil from the drug store where she works. Both of these, which were both double the size, were less than 3 dollars together. So much better. Buy really any prayers would be greatly appreciated because we know that God can do all things! Carter has asked us a couple of different times to pray, he knows this is where he gets the most help. So please pray for our baby. It's also possible that I will have another sick kid before long since Jordan came in from school and checked on Carter and giving him love! I know, enjoy it while it lasts, but for now they still love each other! LOL
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  1. Hey Hey! Hate to hear your baby is sick. Hope he gets to feeling better soon! Yall need to come out again soon, we really enjoyed yall!

  2. Thanks, he is doing much better today so back to school tomorrow. We had a really good time too! We really enjoyed spending time with all of ya'll. Thanks for inviting us.:)