Monday, April 26, 2010


I am so tired!!!!! This last week has been crazy running back and forth to the hospital. I am glad to say Granny Lois is doing better and I thank the Lord for that! She actually asked for my mom to fix her Turnip Greens and Pinto Beans to eat. That is on hold for now, since she has only had broth to eat the last few days and that is all besides fluids for the last week or two!!!! LOL thats a granny for you....she knows what she wants.
I was at the Dentist office today, I really love what I do, and am proud I went to school for it. It was a last minute thing when I applied and I wasn't even sure if I would like it. So it could have went different. I mean, not many people want to look in mouths all day!!!!:)
I am waiting to go get Jordan from school, I so forgot he had Math Team meeting today. I wanted to go home and get a nap after I picked them up from school, and when I saw Carter coming to the car by himself I was like :(!!!! So I am at Donna's catching up will all the blogs I follow. She just lives like 2 min from the school, whereas I am around 15 min. away.
So now that I've talked about everything and vertually nothing I'm gonna get off her and head home. Who knows what i'm gonna fix for supper!!!

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