Monday, February 28, 2011

My ever entertaining Carter!!!!!

The pictures are not of the day I'm gonna tell you about, but it shows how crazy Carter can be. Some of them were with my phone so they might not be the greatest, but they show his personality. If its a Mohawk, goggles with winter gear or playing a cowboy by sticking a napkin (from the restaurant you are eating at)in your ears and using it as a bandanna..........It's Carter and he's mine.....Oh yeah and I'm loving it.

Now to the story. Kevin took the boys fishing Saturday. Carter wanted to keep all the fish, even the small little guys. Kevin had thrown a few up on the bank, but decided he needed to get them in the water; so his tackle box was a little away from where they were standing, so he went to get the stringer, leaving Carter to "Watch" the fish. On his way back he said he looked and Carter was down on his knees by the fish. So Kevin asked him what he was doing......and in a way that is only Carter's, he said, "I was spitting on them so they would stay alive." Ha Ha...So Cute. Kevin said he picked them up and they were covered. Evidently Carter had spit on them the whole time Kevin was away. I had to laugh.

The little things in life........

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