Thursday, June 9, 2011

Presenting:........Talon Luke Ashley

May 11, 2011
7 lbs 13.2 oz
20 inches long

Our third beautiful baby boy!!!!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever have another baby! We didn't think we would have another, but God gave us an unexpected blessing. Now, life wouldn't be complete without him. Talon is such a good baby. He is not a whiny baby. He cries when he's dirty (sometimes), sometimes when he has tummy trouble, and when he's hungry (I mean, wake from a dead sleep to screaming, he wants his food now!) Otherwise he's very good.
We went from two sweet beautiful boys to three and I wouldn't change it. Actually we had a newborn and a teenager in the same week. Jordan turned 13 on May 14th. We are blessed that Jordan is a very good kid and not your typical teen. He is being great with Talon. He has always been a great big brother to Carter, but it's different with him being older this time. He has really been helping me out and it's so cute to walk in the room and him be sitting and gazing at the baby.
Carter is having the privilege of being a big brother for the first time. Even though he has had a couple of moments when I have had to reassure him that I love all of my boys the same, he is really being great with the baby. He loves to sit and hold him and is forever sneaking in and kissing the baby wherever he is (even if he's peacefully sleeping for the night. (well at least a few hours til it's time to eat again) I have to keep telling him to get a quick soft kiss, because I guess in his eyes a lingering noisy harder kiss is better!)
Kevin and I are both in awe once again of God's love and we are so thankful for 3 healthy boys. A month ago I couldn't imagine life with another baby and now I couldn't imagine a life without all three of the boys.

Well I will add some pictures so you all can enjoy him too!

In the hospital

In the hospital

Taken yesterday June 8

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